Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quick Summary: Federal Funding Awards for High Speed Rail Projects in Michigan

How much money has Michigan received lately for high speed rail? John Langdon, Governmental / Public Affairs Coordinator for the Michigan Association of Rail Passengers (MARP) put together this handy chart from Federal and State sources, which I'm passing along to you (thanks, John!):

Selection Date
Project Name Project Summary Federal "Track" Grant Amount State/Local Contribution
Battle Creek Station
ARRA Round 1
  Renovation of the station building and passenger services facilities at the Battle Creek, MI Amtrak Station.    
Troy Station
ARRA Round 1
  Construction of a new platform and passenger services facilities at the Troy, MI Amtrak Station.    
Dearborn Station
ARRA Round 1
  Construction of a new station building, platform, and passenger services facilities at a relocated new Amtrak Station in Dearborn, MI.    
2010-10-28 Chicago –
Detroit HSR Corridor Plan
FRA (HSIPR) Program FY10 & Remaining FY 09 (80/20)

(split between MI, IL, IN, NS)
  Corridor Investment Plan includes completion of a Service Development Plan and corridor environmental study for the Chicago Hub (Chicago to Detroit/Pontiac) High-Speed Rail Corridor    
West Detroit Rail Improvements
FRA (HSIPR) Program FY10 & Remaining FY 09

$7,912,773 FRA, $1,475,893 FTA
  Installation of centralized traffic control signals, construction of 1.34 miles of new connection track on existing and previously abandoned railroad property, replacement of the bridge over Junction Avenue, relocation of approximately 0.86 track miles of existing CSAO tracks, and construction of 5 new cross overs and a service drive.    
Ann Arbor Station
FL Redirect
(City of Ann Arbor Funds)
  This project is for the completion of preliminary engineering and environmental documentation required for future design and construction a new high-speed rail station in Ann Arbor, MI to serve the Chicago -Detroit/Pontiac high speed rail corridor. The old Ann Arbor station is currently the busiest Amtrak station in Michigan, but it is located on single-track territory without passing sidings, which forces intercity trains to stop and block the mainline while serving the station. Plans include construction of passing track that will allow passenger trains to meet and for more than one train to serve the station at a time, thereby increasing on-time performance and service reliability on the corridor. The station will also incorporate automobile, pedestrian, transit, and intercity bus connectivity.    
Kalamazoo – Dearborn Service Development (110 mph)
FL Redirect
  This project will rehabilitate track and signal systems that will allow trains to travel at 110 mph for 135 miles resulting in a 30 minute reduction in trip time. The work funded in this project will replace ties, track, ballast, and highway crossings to a state of good repair on the line segment between Kalamazoo and Dearborn. It will also replace the current obsolete signal system with a positive train control (PTC) system. Together, these investments will result in improvements in trip time, average speed and top speed, and reduction in delay minutes.    

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